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joan boswell

I write cosy mysteries, the genre associated with Agatha Christie and still going strong.
In my four novels, Hollis Grant community college teacher and aspiring painter, becomes an amateur sleuth dealing not only with murder but with Rhona Simpson, a part aboriginal height challenged detective.

In, Cut Off His Tale, Hollis Grant’s soon-to-be ex-husband is murdered as the starting gun goes off in a marathon they both are running. Initially, Hollis wants to clear her name but as she discovers her husband’s secret life she alerts his killer and becomes a target. She races to identify the murderer before she becomes a victim.

In Cut to the Quick, Hollis intends to take a painting course in Toronto and stay with a friend whose husband gives the course. Plans change when her friend’s secretive step-son is murdered and Hollis digs to uncover the family skeletons. A killer is on the loose and Hollis moves fast to save lives.

In Cut to the Chase, Hollis, in Toronto for a year to see if she can succeed as a painter, responds to her landlady’s plea to help her find her missing brother who lives a dangerous life. Hollis agrees and finds herself in danger.

In Cut to the Bone, Hollis, leading a new life and resident super of an apartment building, finds herself in a murder investigation complicated by the disappearance of an Aboriginal tenant who leaves her niece in Hollis’s care. Hollis narrowly escapes becoming the third victim.

Now a resident of Toronto I continue to be a member of the Ottawa “Ladies’ Killing Circle”. More about this remarkable group later.
After completing a PhD in history, I happily tossed aside all the restrictions of academic writing and made the transition to fiction. Given my obsession with the computer, I manage to find time for family, travel, golf, quilt-making, painting, and walking my flat-coated retrievers, Lacey, Forrest and Barlow.